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Friday, October 15, 2010

The adventures of spaceman jim! no 2

"quickly klark! weve got to eat our way through this frosting to free the ship!" "uh...jimbo, if we take our helmets off, we will suffocate" "right! lets get started!" but before they could do anything they were already nearly inside the giant cake-door. "its too late clark! weve got to prepare ourselves for a very dramatic space battle!" "jimbo! you said my name with a 'c' instead of a 'k'!" "jumping space-beetles! your right! and your head looks enormous! oh, nevermind...youve always looked like that" "jimbo, i think we are becoming delutional! the smell of cake must be overwhelming us, they want us to pass out!" "................." 'the last quotation was not filled because they both passed out' a few hours later, jim woke up in what appeared to be a very futuristic looking prison cell "what a nightmare! being stuck inside a giant peice of cake, held prisoner, and not even allowed to eat any of the cake! klark! hm.....hes still sleep in the corner over there,geez, wouldnt he be surprised if he woke up in a prison cell inside a giant peice of cake, im gonna have some stories to tell him when i get........oh wait....nevermind" just then klark woke up "jimbo! thank goodness were alive, weve got to get out of here! they probably plan to sell us on the blackhole market to the highest bidder! and theres lots of criminals that would love to see us.." "dance?" "no jimbo.." "make dinner for them?" "no..." "be...tickled with feathers?" "no!" "fruitcake?" "what???" "nothing...." "no jimbo, i think they plan to..." just then they heard a door open and people, or..aliens...or some manner of sci-fi ish things moving twards them.....join us next time to see what will happen with spaceman jim!


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  2. I'm only posting this here because I STILL can't seem to post comments on your Geekspeak blog. Please figure it out!

    The following comment was meant for your "It's been awhile.." post

    Alright, it's been awhile since I've tried to comment here (you posted on my blog last year robert-chapman.blogspot.com about Red Dead Redemption) so here I am back to try and comment again!

    Thank god summer is coming to a close! Do I hate the heat? Nay. Do young girls in bikini's make me nervous? Hell nay! Fall is almost upon us and therefore, good games! I'm very ...very excited to purchase Skyrim. I think I'll be playing that game to 100% completion for months to come.